Anon asked-

What were your top three best/most memorable days so far in life? Why?

Good question. I had to think about this for a good long while. It’s a mix of good and bad, so sorry to be a downer-

The first was back when I was maybe 12, I took three friends with my dad to Six Flags in Illinois. It was a hot summer day, and it was just an overwhelmingly fun time. My father who is usually shy and reserved was outgoing and fun, went on every ride, and encouraged us to be young and stupid. On our way back, one of my friends told a slightly dirty joke, and I, trying to be respectful to my dad, quietly tried to shut him up, but my dad responded with an incredibly dirty joke and just started this whole avalanche of silly and stupid jokes and stories. It was just a ton of fun.

The second was my grandfather’s funeral. He was a fascinating person, and was well known and liked. He ran a auto supply store with his good friend (who would die six months after him to the day), and had charisma up the wazoo. I was quite young, maybe 11, and I mostly knew him as the guy who’s hands shook and who smelled funny. I regret it now, but I was just never very close to him, and that realization came crashing down when he died. The memorable/wonderful part of this came during the reception, where all of his old friends came to sit and talked to me about my grandfather’s exploits. He went from being a little bit scary to being a legendary mythological figure in about 2 hours flat. I still felt terrible, sure, but I left with a big smile on my face and a spring in my step. 

Last was when I finally got my diploma. I had a really tough time with college, partly because I wasn’t doing anything with my depression and it was eating me and partly because I was so self conscious about my writing that I was scared to actually write papers. It resulted in me being in college for ~6 years on a four year plan. After a long time lying to my parents, friends, and family about this, I got my shit together and graduated. The day I got my diploma was when it became real to me, and where the last six fucked years of school finally got off my back. It was amazing. 


Anonymous asked: Sorry, I'll stop, didn't want to be a bother or cause problems. Just curious about you, you seem like there's something more that you don't show. No need to respond to this or post

No no! I apologize, I thought you were my sister trying to get me to talk more! Feel free to continue asking. I’m sorry that I put that on you -_-

Seriously, if people have anons for me, I’ll gladly take them. It’s been so interesting having questions to answer!



The new Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay trailer!

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For the sake of an argument with my sister-

Forgive me anon, apparently I jumped down the wrong throat and only made myself an ass for it. I’ll answer in the morning. 

To the anon who is asking me questions, just send me an ask off anon. My bet is that it’s my sister. This would be the only way to prove it. If I’m wrong, not only will I eat my words but I will not question anon again with my idiocy.


Anonymous asked: What were your top three best/most memorable days so far in life? Why?

Hannah, why are you doing this.




Sex Education in American Public Schools

The third map is really freaking me out. “Don’t have to be medically accurate.” WHAT.

I’m always shocked by this. Not only is it alarming from a national standpoint, but it puzzles me because I’m from Wisconsin and had a wonderful, medically accurate sex education. We even touched on same sex health, though it was only so far as use protection. Maybe my school was an exception.

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So to help Scoob and I out money wise while I try to do the whole jump into the industry I went to college for [yay~ being an adult is hard], I started doing gigs on Fiverr. If you all would maybe check out my gigs and see if you all are interested in any of them that would be awesome. My…

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I will never stop posting pictures of my sister’s cat.

I will never stop posting pictures of my sister’s cat.


I think that was my first anon. Huh.


Anonymous asked: What are you looking for in life right now?

I’ve honestly never known. I’ve always been jealous of people with even a modicum of ambition because I’ve never had any. I want to be employed. I want to have dogs. But that’s it. The details aren’t that important to me.



Isabela from Dragon Age 2

Cosplay by subitoallegra
Photography by Brent Allen Thale,
SoulfirePhotography, & LJinto

NGL, I miss wearing Izzy :C




Tiger Sharks!

oh my god

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By Kouta Hirano, creator of Hellsing

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crow cone babies
lots of them


wait that wasn’t enough, hang on


morons, all of them